ROTHCO Water Bottle Survival Kit

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Rothco's Water Bottle Survival Kit is perfect for the outdoor enthusiast or beginner prepper. This "bottled" survival kit features all the essential equipment including a BPA free water bottle, whistle, flint, emergency mirror, LED light, emergency poncho, multi-tool, sewing kit, paracord, adhesive bandages and compression towel.

Survival In A Bottle!

The Survival Kit Is Perfect For Beginner The Outdoor Enthusiast Or Prepper

The BPA Free Bottle Can Be Used Independently As A Water Bottle Or Storage For Your Survival Gear

The Survival Kit Includes A Whistle, Flint, Emergency Mirror, LED Light, Emergency Poncho, Multi-Tool, Sewing Kit, Paracord, Adhesive Bandages And Compression Towel

32 OZ Water Bottle