CHR Adventure Training Award

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The Adventure Training Award is a series of field activities that are undertaken by senior cadet of the Australia Army Cadets.


  • The Adventure Training Award is designed as the most physically challenging and demanding set of activities in which Cadets can participate during their years in the Australian Army Cadets.
  • Since 2009 the Adventure Training Award has been conducted as a national event at the Buckland Training Area, Tasmania. Dates are available to staff on the CadetNet Calendar.
  • The reward, should the cadets successfully complete the six day assessment, will be the prized “boomerang and torch”.
  • Adventure Training Award badge, the highest accolade they can wear on their uniform.
  • Some of the challenges that will be faced by these cadets include; watermanship, roping, survival and navigating by day and night in the Tasmanian wilderness.TT
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