Nitecore EA41 1020 Lumens

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The Nitecore EA41 is a miniature searchlight that can handle your lighting needs when you need it most.

And guess what?

      It is highly efficient and offers reliable for hours of use when you need it. The NiteEA41 has the following features:


  • Comes with a maximum throw distance of 335 meters, intensity of 282m and delivers a lot of power for such a compact flashlight.
  • Multi-functional use to different lighting options
  • Comes with a battery indicator status light
  • Offers an ergonomically designed body for a comfortable, secure grip during use
  • Toughened, unibody design for long-lasting durability
  • 5 different brightness levels plus 3 different user modes namely, Strobe, SOS and Location Beacon Modes
  • Tailstand feature for balanced standing on the tail while in use.
  • All weather capability including water resistant up to 2 meters

One word! Get the Nitecore EA41 if you don't have any reliable lighting accessory in your possession!