Nitecore EC23 1800 Lumens

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The Nitecore EC23 is designed to give you that secure feeling of knowing your lighting won't fail you while on a night operation. Powered by one 18650 rechargeable battery, the EC21is capable of taking up more functions than it looks capable of.

With a brightness of 1800 Lumens, beam distance of 255 meters and 16,20000 candelas, the Nitecore EC23 can be called your personal lighting buddy.

It has more of the following features too:

  • Long lasting capacity of up to 330 hours of use
  • An independent light illumination feature that comes with 3 different modes, Constant illumination, Flashing illumination, Red flashes for standby mode
  • Sensitive Blue power indicator for power level, status, and voltage
  • 5 brightness levels and 3 unique modes, Strobe, SOS and Location Mode
  • 2 different lockout modes to prevent accidental switch on which can burn out the battery
  • All weather capacity plus water resistance up to 2 meters
  • Reinforced stability with gold-plated circuit contacts to high performance

If you want a compact flashlight you can manage with ease without sacrificing efficiency, get the EC23