Nitecore EF1 830 Lumens

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EFI explosion-proof flashlight introduces aerospace grade aluminum alloy to its body construction, and achieves a body thickness of 3mm (20% thicker than ordinary flashlights) Together with the 10mm-thick epoxy resin explosion-suppressive optical lens, EFI can provide secured illumination in hazardous areas (Zone 1, Zone 2, and Type IIA, IIB, IIC, and II-T5 Levels, as GB3836 rated), and indoor/outdoor operations (such as factories, stations, stadiums, railway tunnels, culverts) for electricity, smelting, railway, mine, port, and civil construction industries. EFI's explosion-proof class is IIC. Its Equipment Protection Level is Gb.

  • Max Output: 830 Lumens
  • Max Beam Distance: 270 m
  • Max Beam Intensity: 18300 cd
  • Max Run Time: 150 h 0 m / 6.25 d
  • LED: CREE XM-L2 U3