Platatac SICC LF Belt

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Traditionally Special Operators would acquire the parachute straps from a "Load Follow".  A load of equipment on pallets parachuted in on a water drop. The straps of a couple or so metres were cut down and became prized possessions and a badge of honour to wear.

Para riggers and kit fiddlers over the years modified these belts and added pouches, extra straps and attachments, the para buckles were load rated so the CQB belt was born. Over the decades refined to be an art form.

Our SICC belt range is a nod to the ingenuity of the SOF operators that help Platypus refine our kit 

The Para buckle is a rated safety device in itself, within the belt it makes it a rated belt.

The SICC LF brings it full circle.

The SICC LF has now been tested and meets Australian Standard: AS/NZS 1891.1 1995 Industrial Fall Arrest Systems and Devices, Part 1 Safety Belts and Harnesses.


  • Made from high strength 1 3/4″ Mil-W-4088, Type 13 Nylon webbing
  • 2 x rows 1/2" webbing to attach MOLLE/PALS compatible pouches
  • Rigid enough to ensure stability for holsters and pouches
  • Quick fit steel load rated "Para Buckle" for quick adjustment 
  • Nylon wrapped hard sewn point for safety lanyard, helo strop etc
  • Compatible with 3S Belt and the SRO Inner Belt


Small 88 - 95 15
Medium 95 - 102 16
Large 102 - 109 18
Xlarge 109 - 116 20
XXLarge 116 - 123 22