PLATATAC Spec Harness

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Our Bestselling Modular Spec Harness allows for a greater comfort and versatility than other Belt Rig harnesses. The shoulder pads are wider and thinner to provide a greater comfort when using a pack and connects to your belt in 8 places allowing for a greater stability when running and crawling.

The rear MOLLE attachment points enable the use of a Modular Hydration Carrier or Radio Pouch and the front have been designed for Smaller pouches like our SPR, 40mm or SUP carriage solutions.


  • 8 Point harness
  • 1000 Denier Tactical Nylon
  • Modular attachment on rear for hydration and front for small pouches
  • Incorporated double lined mesh to promote cooling
  • Wide Shoulder Pads with thinner padding to allow for use with packs
  • Reinforced Drag Handle