Rothco EMS Shears

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A durable and reliable tool for medical workers and first responders, Rothco’s EMS Shears are made from stainless steel and are designed to safely and quickly cut clothing or dressings from injured people during emergency situations.

Stay Equipped For The Job With Durable Stainless Steel EMT Shears

ABS Plastic Handles Provide Strong Impact Resistance For Accurate And Safe Use

Wide Tip Allows For Smooth And Easy Function, Safely Gliding Across Skin While Cutting Through Clothing

Emergency Medical Shears Can Also Be Used By Fisherman, Hunters, Hikers, And Military Service Members

Available In 5.5 Inches Trauma Shears Compact Enough To Efficiently Store In Duty Bags Or A Tourniquet Pouch

Use With Tourniquet And Shear Holder Pouch (Sold Separately)