Spatap Eco Tap Shower

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SpaTap Is A Pocket Sized Camp shower/Tap and Handwashing Device That Can Attach To Any Bottle And Transform It Into A “Go Anywhere” Tap for a Mobile wash

SpaTap SpaTap is Designed And Built to withstand the harshest Australian Outback conditions & Comes With A Lifetime Guarantee.

Camping, Emergencies, First Aid, Sport, Garden, 4WD, Child Cleaning, Sleek, Intuitive, Ergonomic, Pocket Sized, Indestructible, Child Friendly, Strong.

SpaTap Solves hygiene issues with multiple washing stations, convenient handwashing, cleaning dishes, washing food, tooth brushing, washing down equipment.

Quick Installation – Instant installation provides handwashing station promoting hygiene.

Intuitive Use – Obvious and intuitive use with instruction on the device

Water Conservation – Maximum Washes from minimal water,

First Aid – Cleaning wounds, eye wash, hydration, wash away broken glass and debris.

Designed to Fit Military Canteens Of Any Shape And Size