VALHALLA Leader Mud Model Kit

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The VALHALLA LEADER MUD MODEL KIT is an essential piece of kit for ALL section and Platoon Commanders. With 68 Platoon/Section/Support and Enemy position markers and an assortment of other location and path identifying items it’s the most complete Mud model kit on the market. Essential for any leader!


  • Australian Made
  • 68 Assorted Platoon, Section, Support and Enemy positions symbols. Made of durable PP that will last in any conditions
  • 8 x White paddle marker (capacity to be drawn on and erased)
  • 4 x Colored position or task markers. Red, Green, Blue, Yellow (capacity to be drawn on and erased)
  • 3m Length of black paracord
  • 3m Length of blue Paracord 
  • 3m x Length of Coyote Paracord
  • 3m x Length of red Paracord
  • 1 x Pencil
  • 1 x Eraser
  • 4 x colored white board marker
  • (Optional Extra) 2 x 3" Coyote Malice clips